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„If people with
serious illnesses are
to have hope again,
it is not enough
to trust in others.“

Build with me the next
Healthcare Incubator

Clemens Fischer


Employer of the next generation of outstanding talents Incubator of revolutionary trends and innovations in the healthcare sector Accelerator a with national and international network

FUTRUE is an international healthcare incubator with more than 20 companies and more than 70 approved pharmaceutical products in the areas of smart bacteria, innovative pain therapies, chemical-free drugs, medical cannabis and orphan diseases among others.

We focus on identifying innovative and already highly developed active ingredients via our globally active scouts. After checking the status of the preclinical and clinical data using a specially developed algorithm, a highly standardised process begins that generates all still-outstanding data necessary for prompt approval. The company's own specialised marketing and sales teams ensure that the healthcare community is kept informed and that patients receive prompt treatment with the respective drug. 

Our claim is to be faster than any other pharmaceutical company – because patients don't have time! We're counting on a new generation of dynamic talent who have the courage to take untrodden paths.

Dr. Clemens Fischer

Founder and CEO FUTRUE

Madlena Hohlefelder


David Rietbrock

CEO SYNformulas

Bastian Baasch

CEO FUTRUE Research & Science and VERTANICAL

Sebastian Hach

CCO/Managing Director of VERTANICAL

Natalie Weigand

Board PharmaSGP

Michael Rudolf

Board PharmaSGP

Dr. Max Dingler

Director of R&D and QA&RA

Dr. Janin Grajcarek

Director Clinical Strategy

Tobias Ostermann

Director Operations VERTANICAL

Alexander von Falkenhausen

Director Clinical Operations VERTANICAL

Clemens Eder

Chief Growth Officer SYNformulas

Max Schmidt

Chief Financial Officer SYNformulas & VERTANICAL

Fabian Lorson

Fabian Lorson

Director BD and M&A

Mareike Hierl

Senior Legal Counsel



Vertanical is a highly innovative biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing unique cannabis compounds for treating patients with chronic pain. As one of the few fully integrated suppliers, Vertanical boasts one of the world's most modern cultivation and production facilities for medicinal cannabis as well as a highly specialised research and study team, who quickly bring its innovative active ingredients to the global market. The new active ingredients in Vertanical will open up a completely new treatment option for the more than 100 million chronic-pain patients worldwide.


The startup "Orphan Diseases" is the next major project within the FUTRUE group. More than 300 million patients suffer from rare diseases for which there are still no effective treatment options. Our scouts search the globe for innovative active ingredients that are already at an advanced stage of development. After the active ingredients have been acquired, all gaps in the preclinical and clinical areas are identified using a specially developed algorithm. A highly standardised process then generates still outstanding pre-clinical and clinical data and transfers it to the marketing authorisation application in parallel. This aim is to make innovative active ingredients available to patients with rare diseases as approved pharmaceutical products more quickly than any other pharmaceutical company. Companies such as Horizon Therapeutics or SOBI are successful role models.


SYNformulas is a leading global probiotics company whose focus is on smart bacteria for treating patients with allergies and gastrointestinal diseases. SYNformulas has already achieved a breakthrough in the treatment of irritable bowel disease: In two independent studies, the bacterial strain MIMBb75 displayed a significant effect with regard to the widespread disease irritable bowel syndrome; in addition, it is now the most widely used bacterial strain in Europe for this indication. To develop future-oriented products with clinically proven efficacy, Synformulas employs an efficient team for research & development and cooperates with a broad network of internationally recognised researchers and universities.


As a pharmaceutical company operating throughout Europe, PharmaSGP specialises in the development and distribution of chemical-free drugs. The company is constantly driving both its European market presence and the expansion of its brand portfolio. In Germany, PharmaSGP is now the market leader in systemic, chemical-free OTC drugs for rheumatic and neuralgic pain. PharmaSGP has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard) since June 2020.