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We know that time is the most important resource for every applicant. We have therefore worked for years to develop a process that allows us to evaluate whether there is a good fit between you and us using as few questions as possible, particularly at the start of the process.


If we have contacted you directly on LinkedIn, for example, we already have your CV and have sent you a link to our homepage for the relevant role. You can learn more about us in detail here. If you like what we do, you are welcome to complete our short online test (it takes less than 10 minutes and is a good initial indicator of the fit between us).


If you apply directly via our careers page without being contacted by us in advance, we would ask you to send all of your application documents to us first ( If we like what we see, we will send you a link to our online test.


If the online test shows that the same things are important to us and that you have good analytical and logical thinking, we will invite you to a 30-minute initial introductory discussion on Teams. The interviewers for applicants for leadership positions are always members of our management team, while for roles without leadership responsibilities the introductory discussion is with an experienced member of our HR team, usually together with the team leader of the relevant department.


We usually divide the 30 minutes into two equal parts. In the first 15 minutes, we want to learn more about your CV and about you, while in the second 15 minutes we will answer all of your questions and give you an idea of what drives us each day and what it is exactly that we do.


If, after the initial introductory discussion, both you and we decide that we could imagine a future working together, we will send you a case via email. Working through the case will require a certain time commitment from you, but most applicants genuinely enjoy it. You can decide how long you need and when you want to present your results (the case discussion is generally around 2-3 weeks after the initial introductory discussion). The case presentation takes around 20-30 minutes, and the entire case discussion around 60 minutes. Applicants for leadership roles will mostly be interviewed exclusively by the management team, while applicants for positions without leadership responsibilities will mostly be interviewed by team leads.


The main difference between the case interviews for applicants with and without leadership responsibilities is the complexity. For applicants for roles without any leadership responsibility, it is possible that the case will not be sent in advance and will instead be worked through with the team lead during the interview itself.


The backdrop for this 60-minute meeting is that we want to understand how you approach tasks, how detail-oriented you are and how you present your results. Of course we also want you to get to know us better and for you to be able to get answers to all of your questions about the role and about the group. If you impress us, we will send you a non-binding offer promptly (salary, annual leave, extras etc.), which we will be happy to discuss with you in detail on the phone.


For applicants for roles with leadership responsibilities, we always have a final, in-person discussion with around 4-6 members of our management team on site in Gräfelfing. The aim of this discussion is to answer any questions the applicant may still have, to provide a deeper insight into how we work and to give them the opportunity to get to know their future colleagues better.


There is often no third discussion for applicants for roles without leadership responsibilities.


It's a match – you fit with us and we fit with you! We will be delighted to send your employment contract to you as soon as possible. We have standard contracts that don't tie you in and are written in a simple, uncomplicated way.


Welcome to the FUTRUE family! After an onboarding process with the HR team, your own team will welcome you and start the department-specific onboarding.


  • "I am most fascinated by the speed and dynamism with which new projects are tackled and implemented in this company. Here, visions are much more than just theoretical insights into a conceived future."

    Julie Cuesta - International Operations

  • "To me, FUTRUE means strong collaboration and a good dose of humour. When I'm at work, no project is the same as any other, and every idea is given space, so in the creative team we always have our fingers on the pulse."

    Nick Langhammer - Webdesign

  • "I think it's great that I was given sole responsibility for my own field very early on. It's also good that my role means I'm in contact with all of the departments and employees."

    Jacqueline Tiefenbacher - Human Resources


 FUTRUE recipe for success:

Dynamism is in our DNA. We identify opportunities and have the courage and the resources to implement them. Our motto is "think big, act quick".

 FUTRUE corporate culture:

Full transparency, open-mindedness and mistake-based learning are very important to us.

 FUTRUE headquarters:

We offer flexible working hours, modern offices, free drinks, fruit baskets and a rooftop terrace with an exceptional view.

 FUTRUE family:

We celebrate our successes! Numerous events like the summer festival, Oktoberfest and a Christmas party await you.