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We know that time is the most important resource for every applicant. We have therefore worked for years to develop a process that allows us to evaluate whether there is a good fit between you and us using as few questions as possible, particularly at the start of the process.


The introductory interview (via MS-Teams) forms the first step of our application process and takes approx. 30 min. We usually divide these 30 minutes into two equal segments. In the first 15 minutes, our goal is to learn more about you and your resume. In the second 15-minute segment, we address your questions and introduce you to what drives us every day, and what exactly we do at FUTRUE.

The interviewers for applicants for positions with management responsibility are always members of our management. For positions without management responsibility, the introductory interview is led by an experienced employee from our HR department—usually in cooperation with the team leader of the respective department.


If you are still interested and you have also won us over, the second step, a case interview, will follow. You will develop and discuss your case on site, in a personal meeting with the hiring manager of the respective position.

For applicants for positions with management responsibility, we will reach out to you and then send a case for preparation approximately 2-3 weeks before the meeting.

The entire case interview takes approx. 60 minutes. About half of the time will be spent on the case discussion. Our goal is to understand how you approach tasks, how deeply you go into detail, and how you present your results. Naturally, you also need to get to know us better and ask all your questions about the position, as well as about our company group.

Most applicants really enjoy the casework and find it helpful for gaining a good insight into our culture and working methods.

If you have won us over in the case interview and have applied for a job without management responsibility, we will immediately send you a preliminary offer (salary, vacation days, general conditions), which we would be happy to discuss with you in more detail over the phone.


For applicants for positions with management responsibility, we will always conduct a third, personal interview with approx. 3-4 members of our management, at our location in Gräfelfing. The goal is to answer all your remaining questions and give you a deeper insight into precisely how we work. You also have the opportunity to get to know your future colleagues more closely.

If we have impressed you and you have also won us over, you will receive a preliminary offer from us within a few days, which we would be happy to go over with you in detail.


It’s a match—you suit us and we suit you! If you have accepted our offer, we will be happy to send you your employment contract as quickly as possible. We utilize standard contracts, which are written in a simple and uncomplicated way.

And then: welcome to the FUTRUE family! After an onboarding process with the HR team, you will be welcomed by your team and begin the specialized onboarding process. We look forward to you starting with us!


  • "I am most fascinated by the speed and dynamism with which new projects are tackled and implemented in this company. Here, visions are much more than just theoretical insights into a conceived future."

    Julie Cuesta - International Operations

  • "To me, FUTRUE means strong collaboration and a good dose of humour. When I'm at work, no project is the same as any other, and every idea is given space, so in the creative team we always have our fingers on the pulse."

    Nick Langhammer - Webdesign

  • "I think it's great that I was given sole responsibility for my own field very early on. It's also good that my role means I'm in contact with all of the departments and employees."

    Jacqueline Tiefenbacher - Human Resources


 FUTRUE recipe for success:

Dynamism is in our DNA. We identify opportunities and have the courage and the resources to implement them. Our motto is "think big, act quick".

 FUTRUE corporate culture:

Full transparency, open-mindedness and mistake-based learning are very important to us.

 FUTRUE headquarters:

We offer flexible working hours, modern offices, free drinks, fruit baskets and a rooftop terrace with an exceptional view.

 FUTRUE family:

We celebrate our successes! Numerous events like the summer festival, Oktoberfest and a Christmas party await you.